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Totes Goats LLC

Warwick, NY's Premiere Mobile Goat Yoga and Petting Farm

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Our Mission Statement

We always mention first at our events that our animals are more to us than just pets,  they are FAMILY. Any animals that we have are taken care of meticulously and with the utmost integrity. Our animals will never be bred, milked, or eaten and most importantly, have a forever home with us. They will never "age out" of our goat yoga or petting farms, just because they are older and bigger does not mean they are less important or lovable. At Totes Goats we strive to give all people the opportunity to experience being around the animals that we have loved all our lives. Our love and care for our animals is paramount. This business is more than what meets the eye and we are striving to one day have a sanctuary to take in all the animals that are unwanted instead of bringing more into the world.

If you ever have any concerns, we have an open door and you can feel free to email with any questions!


Totes Goats Upcoming Events

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Totes Goats Yoga

Warwick, NY


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Totes Goats Services

Goat Yoga

Our Goat Yoga classes are lead by a certified and insured instructor. Totes Goats is willing to travel to you or you can travel to us! The classes are offered to the public and can also be private for you and your friends or coworkers.

Petting Farm

We have goats, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks and rabbits. You can pick and choose which animals you would like to have. We have the cutest and friendliest animals around! Petting farms and Goat Yoga can be combined!


The most important part of the business!



Shay is our trouble maker. Shay will seem innocent until she finds away to cause some trouble.



Mocha is the quite goat. Happily lets everyone else get attention while quietly watching and roaming.


Senior Strategist

Mica is the shy girl. She loves to associate with you but will take a bit longer to get comfortable in a crowd.


Senior Strategist

Namaste is the center of attention. You may find her on you, under you, or anywhere around you! Namaste loves to chat.


Senior Strategist

Raja is the love goat. He will find a lap or a mat and get himself cozy. If you need a therapy session, he is our number one choice.

Baby Bells

Senior Strategist

Baby Bells is the herd queen. She will be sure to roam around and interrupt any of the other goats that are getting attention.


Senior Strategist

Coconut is our superstar. Beloved and recognized by many for his kisses and charisma.


Senior Strategist

Jersey is a rescue from sad circumstances. Jersey is our smallest goat and loves to be held by anyone.


Senior Strategist

Meadow is our most recent rescue. Meadow loves snacks and being pet between his horns.

Our Team

A small but effective team!

Tyler Morella


Tyler is the owner of Totes Goats. He started this business in May of 2017 initially just doing petting farms. Shortly after the goat yoga craze took over the west coast and he decided to make it possible on the east. Now he loves bringing his goat posse from place to place so everyone can meet them, laugh and enjoy their company! Oh yes, and of course enjoy some yoga also!

Maureen Morella

Animal Enthusiast

Maureen is the heart of the business. She adores all animals big and small! Maureen knows everything there is to know about all the animals she owns and can teach you anything about them. You can meet her at any event either wrangling some goats or teaching someone about animals.

Lisa Weiner

Goat Wrangler/Animal Lover

​Lisa fell into this line of work and did not skip a beat. Whenever we needed an extra hand, Lisa was always ready to get out there and help. Lisa went from being a cat and dog lover, to a goat rescuer. We would not have been fortunate enough to end up with Meadow, if it was not for her. She is an asset to this small team!

The Yoga Instructor

Eileen Yeager

Senior Architect

Eileen is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the completion of a 200 hour certification program from Yoga For Recovery. Eileen is also stand up paddle board yoga certified. She teaches and trains at Snap Fitness in Ringwood, NJ and Lakeside Fitness in Oakland, NJ.

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"Personable friendly staff who helped make the experience a fun enjoyable one. Their animals were all a pleasure to be around, some even had costumes on. There was ample amount of time to take pictures too."

Randi Zucchino

We had such a great time at Goat Yoga. The goats are very friendly and well cared for by Totes Goats. Highly recommended for fun interactive experience. Great for children too!

Laurie Sigalos

Animal lovers. Professional. Sincere. Family business. Solid team. Respect of animals. Would go again and again and again

Alli Schwerd