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Goat Yoga with Old Bridge Park and Recreation

Goat Yoga with Iris Yoga Studio

What are our guests saying?

"Totes Goats is a great group of people who take care of their animals. The animals are family and it truly shows when you meet them (human, goat, pig, bunny and chicken alike). I'm glad they shared themselves with the yoga community! It brought a lot of joy." - Jaclyn Corrado

"This was such an incredible experience and it was evident the goats were truly family to these people. What netter way to clear your mind, relax, and have a fun day than with yoga and some playful lovable little goats. I can't wait to go back!!!!" - Nicole Lynn

"Animal lovers. Professional. Sincere. Family business. Solid team. Respect of animals. Would go again and again and again." - Alli Schwerd